Raymond Rotter

Raymond “Gunner” Rotter

Raymond was brought on by Tzadik for the companies groundbreaking Sioux Falls acquisition. As Regional Maintenance Supervisor, he oversees all maintenance activity in the Midwest Region. In addition to the routine responsibilities, Raymond has taken on the additional task of overseeing the execution of over $10 million in capital improvements throughout the Sioux Falls market. Raymonds presence has helped provide a seamless cohesion between the construction and operational departments within the region.

Starting his career in facilities management, Raymond worked for 15 years with varying construction companies before ultimately discovering his love for customer service. He ultimately found multi-family construction more rewarding due to the compassionate and communicative nature of the work. Raymond’s desire to bring professional quality service to people made him an excellent fit to help uphold the Tzadik standard as they embarked in a new market.

While operating with immense professionalism and pride, Raymond manages to bring a smile to those he works with. His calm and goofy demeanor has allowed for him to build strong and lasting relationships across all levels of the company. He can give insightful and useful information to all departments, ranging from marketing to accounting. Though loose in nature, Raymond never loses sight of the main goal, providing excellent and financially responsible results on a consistent basis.

Quotes to Live By

“Think positive, be positive” 

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys riding motorcycles
  • Collects coins